Aerospace Engineering

Students take on to the challenge of exploring the thrills of high altitudes with dynamic, hands-on flight and aerodynamics based activities. The journey includes hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters and rockets. Come learn how the physics concepts such energy, buoyancy and the four forces work together to create the magic of flight! Follow the footsteps of the Wright Brother’s and Da Vinci by creating extraordinary flying machines!

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Computer Programming (Coding)

Coding is soon becoming the fundamental skill of tomorrow, just like reading and writing. Come and explore the power of computer programming using and state of the art tools and technology. Learn to create cool games, design characters and generate music with fun and animated activities. Students learn at their own pace in this course. Each student will be evaluated prior to assigning a competency level for maximizing the learning opportunity.

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Drone Technology

This program is all about creating, controlling, and communicating the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones. We will use professional Drone course to prepare our young pilots, covering the safety, laws and regulations and flight essentials. Students will learn to program and fly the drones, appreciating their real-world practical applications.

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Electrical Engineering

Students will explore electricity and various ways it can be generated and used. The flow through parallel/ series circuits and building electromagnets will teach kids this fundamental engineering skill. Students will utilize this knowledge of energy transfer to build an electric device for creative satisfaction. Simplistic actions like turning on the lights or charging a tablet will never be the same again.

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Electronics Engineering

This program is designed to help young minds explore modern electronics. Come and work through the sequential steps of carefully designed hands-on experiments and projects. First create simple, and then complex circuits to see the magic of electrons flowing through components and infusing life. Student will be encouraged to grasp the fundamental concepts of physics, math and engineering, and use it to solve real-world problems.

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Green Engineering

“Renewable energy sources“ will become our most important (or only) source of energy in the future. Students learn the importance of producing, storing and use of electricity from natural energy sources such as water, wind and sun. What is "Green Engineering"? What is the impact of energy consumption in our society? How does a fuel cell work? Why is energy conservation even important?
This course will help students answer these questions and understand energy forms of the future.

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Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever wondered how a simple kitchen appliance such as a can opener works? Or a more complex machine like a car runs? Come and let your imaginations run wild as you discover the endless applications of Mechanical Engineering! Lean how machines work and construct creations of your own. Real life examples and exciting applications of levers, pulleys and gears help you master this skill.

STEM education


Physics is fun, where students learn the statics and dynamics of fluid dynamics, oscillation, hydraulics, and pneumatics. With experiments and models, they learn about law of forces, motion and energy, that causes ships to float and airplanes to fly. What is gravity, why is shape of a car important, how do power plants work? We learn these concepts through engaging and easy to perform physical demonstrations.

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This program covers everything related to robotics - starting from "what is a robot" to creating your own competitive robot. How does a remote control car work? Learn robotic concepts, operation principles and algorithms. Students will learn scientific principles as they build multiple robots including a Line Tracer, Avoider, Battle Robot, Soccer Robot, and more.

STEM education

Structural Design

In this course, students will learn how to design structures, and integrate mechanical actions into structural designs. They will explore the impact of various internal and external forces on structures by conducting the stability tests. The function and architecture of earthquake and wind resistant buildings and structures, such as roller coasters will be taught. The hands-on projects will include students modifying the design of some famous buildings in the world!