Many of the world’s machines that help make our world go round, such as airplanes, spacecraft, drones, missiles, satellites, among others, are due to the brilliant minds of Aerospace Engineers. Aerospace engineers often specialize in areas such as aerodynamic branch of physics that deals with the motion of air and other gaseous fluids and with the forces acting on bodies passing through such a fluid. Aerospace engineering is a trade that applies engineering science in the development and study of aircraft, spacecraft and their related technologies. The challenge of overcoming flight was a difficult one where humans saw limited success for long period of time – however, it all changed in 1903 with the Wright brothers. Aerospace engineering isn’t just going to have a bright future, it is going to be revolutionizing. We have already started thinking flying cars, drones for delivery, space command, new space stations that will replace our existing one, new colonies on the Moon and Mars, along with innovations to make our airplanes more efficient and electrified.

Students take on to a fun and exciting journey of exploring the thrills of how spaceships, airplanes, and parachutes fly. Our coursework is hands-on, dynamic filled with aerodynamics-based activities. The aerospace learning journey includes how parachutes work, designing parachutes and working on the learn-experiment-fail-repeat techniques to improve their design to fly higher and farther. We then take on the Solar System with a view to understand planetary motion, the order of planets and information about their satellites. We explore various NASA space missions and play with various space simulators. Then our budding aerospace students learn about rockets and the all-important “thrust” and Newton’s 3rd law of motion. We explore the controls used to steer rockets and we design and improve our rocket designs to launch them to higher altitudes and go further distance.

This Program is Only offered through our amazing Partners as a Classroom Program or After-School enrichment.