Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning
and mental rigor. Math helps with analytical thinking, with finances, is important in various fields such as engineering, food industry, medicine, computer science, cooking and architecture to name a few.

Our math curriculum is based on tried and trusted local and international best practices. It has been
customized for our students to easily assimilate the concepts starting from kindergarten through high

We nurture curiosity and develop interest from the point of view of practical use of mathematical concepts in our day to day life. We challenge our students to develop their reasoning and logical thinking skills.
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Our Approach:

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We evaluate each child using an age and level appropriate pre-assessment test so that we can develop a baseline of their current mastery of Math concepts. Based on the pre-assessment test results, we consult with the parents on the appropriate course level for their child. Our program delivery structure involves teaching concepts in a classroom setting and following that with homework that helps strengthen the material covered in the class. The homework is due before the next class and is graded by our instructors to measure the progress being made by the child. Depending on the student’s mastery of the subject, our instructors customize the next lesson plan.

All of our math classes (grades K-12) discuss the concepts that will be covered in their local schools as defined in the Common Core Standards and by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

We understand that not all students learn the same way. Our philosophy is to provide students flexibility to learn at their pace, provide a nurturing environment where they can thrive.

What we Offer

We offer both small group and individual Math classes to cater to the unique learning needs of each child. We have an open enrollment process of students from grades K-12 throughout the year. Classes run throughout the year, including Summer.

We also offer coaching for competitive math tournaments. Please inquire for more details.

Classroom & Virtual Math Programs & Tutoring Available​ For:

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A personalized schedule will be provided upon completion of a pre-assessment to identify the right class for your child.

We will follow Ellington (CT) Public School closing schedules. No classes will occur on the days schools are closed.

Available Virtual and In-Person

Our Math enrichment programs run throughout the year and the curriculum is aligned with U.S Common Core Standards to help children excel in school.

​Each child learns at their pace. Students are provided personalized, skill-based assignments, irrespective of their grade level.

​We offer challenging and advanced learning opportunities to gifted children, and program our material to meet their skills.

​Our lesson plans emphasize on developing a combination of analytical and problem solving skills along with strong mathematical foundation.

Success in Math is directly proportional to practice and successfully mastering the foundational concepts. Class and Home worksheets are provided to students to practice the assigned topics.

For group lessons, We maintain an instructor to student ratio of 1:5 so that each child gets the attention that they deserve.


Select one or more of the following:

Core Curriculum - Group Lessons

$ 79 (starting at)
  • Per month (1 hour session / week)
  • (Max. 5 students per Instructor)

Core Curriculum - Individual Lessons

$ 79 (starting at)
  • Per month (Half an hour session / week)
  • (Max. 1 student per Instructor)

Competitive Math - Group Lessons

$ 89 (starting at)
  • Per month (1 hour session / week)
  • Max. 5 students per Instructor

Competitive Math - Individual Lessons

$ 89 (starting at)
  • Per month (Half an hour session / week)
  • (Max. 1 student per Instructor)

SAT / ACT Math Preparation - Individual Lessons

$ 179 (starting at)
  • Per month (1 hour session / week)
  • (Max. 1 student per Instructor)

Multiple sessions available


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