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Highly professional & responsive. They do really care about enriching kids with long-lasting practical education. Teachers are way beyond qualified,

Finally someone is offering affordable STEM programs for younger kids, glad that my children won't have to wait till college to get this experience!

Great instructors, enthusiastic & passionate team. Have never seen other educators so much invested in our child's future

K-Rockets School have raised the bar so high for education, a great addition for Ellington parents

Our daughter talks the Technology language at home these days, and it has been only two classes so far!

​Our son thoroughly enjoyed the LEGO engineering camp, kept asking why the program wasn't longer

Our child has been raving about K-Rockets ever since they attended their first class

The summer camp is perfect because it is fun, entertaining and educational!

No summer camp can top this camp, this is the best place I have ever been to!

The best summer camp ever, loved the experiments. Run it again, Please!

Impressive detailed activities, wonderful experience, Thank you!

If I could rate this place, I would give infinite stars!

K-Rockets is so much fun, I like it more than my school

Why aren't there fifty of these schools already

This is the BEST summer camp I have ever been to!

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