Green engineering (also known as Environmental engineering) is the study of sustaining and improving the natural environment. It includes the design and use of processes and products that minimize pollution and promote sustainability. Green engineering includes ways to maintain Earth’s environment, and improve human life without sacrificing technical developments, economic viability and overall efficiency. Green engineering embraces the concept that decisions to protect human health and the environment can have the greatest impact and cost-effectiveness when applied early, in the design and development phase of a process or product.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has increased from around 280 parts per million to around 410 parts per million since the industrial revolution began nearly 200 years ago. The society needs enthusiastic Green engineers to create new devices and machines that can generate energy in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. By improving and implementing existing renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar energy arrays, renewable energy engineers can help slow the current climate crisis.

“Renewable energy sources“ will become our most important (or only) source of energy in the future. In this program, students learn the importance of producing, storing and using electricity from renewable natural energy sources such as water, wind, and sun.

This course will help students answer these questions and understand energy forms of the future. Our program, just like other programs, emphasized project-based-learning of Environmental concepts using hands-on exploration experiments and case studies. Students will turn into Environmental engineers and study water, soil and air pollution problems. They will develop technical solutions to control these problems in a manner that is compatible within economical and political framework.

This Program is Only offered through our amazing Partners as a Classroom Program or After-School enrichment.