Electronics engineering is a branch of Electrical engineering which deals with the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum and the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits and transistors. The fundamental difference between Electrical engineering and Electronics is based on the strength of the electric currents being used. For example, Electrical engineering comprises devices and applications that use heavy current, whereas Electronics engineering comprises lighter current applications, such as cell phones, radio communication, computers, and other automatic control systems. Electronics Engineering is a modern Engineering discipline focused on the design and development of products and systems using Electronic technology. It developed in the early 20th century as electronic broadcasting methods, including radio and television, became more widespread thereafter. The use of electronic technologies in World War II, including sonar, radar, and advanced weaponry further developed the field of Electronics Engineering. Many of the devices we use every day are the work of Electronics Engineers, that includes smartphones, personal computers and WiFi networks. It is the key force behind the growth of information technology in the modern age, one we can not imagine a world without. The field of electronics engineering is as diverse as its applications, with many subsets including analog electronic engineering, radio frequency engineering, software engineering and systems engineering focusing on different applications of electronic technology.

This program is designed to help young minds explore modern electronics. Students work through the sequential steps of carefully designed hands-on experiments and projects related to lights, timers, digital technologies. Students create simple, and then complex circuits to see the magic of electrons flowing through components and infusing life in their creative designs. Student are encouraged to grasp the fundamental concepts of physics, math and engineering, and use these principles to solve real-world problems.

This Program is Only offered through our amazing Partners as a Classroom Program or After-School enrichment.