Drones are being used to save lives, work in challenging environments, archaeological discoveries and surveying, farming, property management, mining, construction and much more. Drones are proving to be useful tools in a wide range of industries. Drones are delivering medicines in Africa. They are leading the way for first responders during disasters. Drones are increasingly tasked to operate in dangerous work inspections environment – they are inspecting infrastructure such as bridges, cell towers and methane leaks over landfills and abandoned oil wells. Drones are also measuring radioactivity around nuclear facilities. Drones are also being used for a variety of uses in war zones. Over the coming years, drones will transform our cities, revolutionizing how people travel, how goods are delivered and how buildings look and are constructed.

Drones can be custom built with different types of GPS technologies, materials, and components (motors, windings, cooling systems, wiring) propellers, number of arms, and sensors (vision, ultrasonic, infrared, lidar, time of flight, temperature, and monocular vision) that make them customizable for any application. Advanced drones feature advanced pilot assistance, autonomous flying, gyroscopic stabilization, and different types of controllers.

We use a combination of flight engineering and coding in our drone programs that are modified based on the age of our students. Our approach is to help our students understand all aspects of drones – safety, physics, laws, and controls. We start with understanding how drones fly, explore safety issues and the required laws that our budding drone pilots need to be aware of. Once the basics are covered, we build our drones from the ground and start the journey of programming their flight controls. Our drone pilots slowly through various challenges develop flight profiles and programs to maneuver their drones through pre programmed flight paths and obstacles. Students will learn to program and fly the drones, appreciating their real-world practical applications.

This Program is Only offered through our amazing Partners as a Classroom Program or After-School enrichment.